Love Will Tear Us Apart Again

I worked on this project for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention a little while ago. I was going to paint an Ian Curtis (Joy Division) portrait and donate it to the cause, but the sketch I did wasn’t nearly as good as my Kurt Cobain painting, so I submitted that instead.  I guess my BFF, Sarah (a.k.a. Sarah In Solitary), really liked the Ian Curtis sketch because she used it in a tribute necklace she made  (pic below), which I actually thought turned out well.

Apparently it also caught someone else’s attention because all of a sudden the listing for the necklace received tons of mysterious (unadvertised) traffic the other day. However, it seems the only real exposure I ever get is negative. I’ve come to terms with it. In fact, I kind of revel in the infamy. First there was the brutal Regretsy critique and now there’s the Stereogum’s weak copycat attempt. As they say, any exposure is good exposure, even the negative kind. I find this is true because so far it has equaled voluminous sales. I have well over 3,000 views for Guitar Hero alone in my Etsy shop, compared to the modest 200 or so for other popular pieces I feature.

Such is life. Everyone’s a critic and everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. I’m guilty of the same sort of behavior, I guess. Still, I have to say, I’d buy the shit out of most everything on that list. So, in a sense, it was an honor to be included. #9 is mighty fine! Hahah!

Ian Curtis Necklace 01

~ by angellaveaux on January 9, 2013.

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