This is the first real painting I ever did. It was also my first real life lesson in hypocrisy and bullshit. I was about fifteen when my art teacher in high school entered this into an art exhibit downtown. She pushed me throughout the whole process and was a very good teacher. When my family and I arrived at the gallery, she told us my painting had been removed due to “indecency”. She was in tears.

We were all disappointed, although we did not leave right away. We decided to be fair to the other artists by staying and looking at their work until I came across a poorly executed, horrifically ugly, bloody Satanic skull drawing, which I thought was way more offensive than my nippleless, pubic hair-free girls (it wasn’t so much the theme of the drawing that bothered me, but the shitty technique). I think that was the point at which we all decided to leave.

Fucking Puritans.


~ by angellaveaux on January 3, 2013.

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