Guitar Hero

From my blog titled “Gender Bender” on 6/19/12:

Today, not unlike every other day, I visited one of my favorite sites, Regretsy, to kill the boredom of working in a stifling office environment. On approximately the 3,247th visit, I discovered one of my oldest paintings was the feature of the moment (NSFW). I seriously almost wet myself. I don’t know exactly how many people visit this site daily, but I’m betting it’s in the thousands.

Oh, Guitar Hero, you’ve finally made me proud (even though some of the comments were a little rough). I live for this shit. I feel so punk rock. Plus, free exposure! I got tons of encouraging comments as well. I even got a fuckton of traffic in my Etsy shop, not to mention this site.

I’ll never take you down again, big boy. No matter how disproportionate/nonsensical you are.

It’s funny how many stories I have about this painting. Originally it was called “Guitar God”, but that changed a few years ago when I was inspired by Amanda Palmer’s song, “Guitar Hero“. I created him when I was , oh, about 28 or 29? He was modeled after a guy I met on Craigslist. Even though all my girl friends told me to bang him, I didn’t. Still, I had one boyfriend who refused to believe that I didn’t at least blow him. “How could you not?!?”, he actually said.

Right then I knew this painting had power. Maybe not take-over-the-world power, but some kind of dirty magic. This was only reinforced years later when a guy I briefly dated said he thought my subject was a hermaphrodite. Maybe some artists would be offended by this, but it made me love this raunchy piece even more.

However, I’ve had to take it down before parties so guests of my roommates wouldn’t be alienated. That hurt a little because I thrilled at every opportunity to show him off to new people. I love to hear their reactions! When prospective new renters came to look at our house last month, I heard he made one woman go “Oooh!” and that made me smile.

Yes, this painting has definitely had an impact on my life since its debut. I was actually considering auctioning it off in August to help fund LATco. Now I don’t think so. My emotional attachment to this piece just grew by several inches.

Angel Laveaux


Guitar Hero

~ by angellaveaux on December 15, 2012.

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